Project Hetu's Initiatives & Projects

Hetu Community is a non-profit community full of creative individuals & organisations who aim towards collaborating & achieving goals. We aid your goals with our in-house accelerator & mentors platform. To do just that, Project Hetu constantly organise think tank events, social initiatives & startup programmes to promote our mission & give back to the society. Programs, Initiatives & ideas related to all industries are welcomed as long as they contribute & provide productivity to the society – If you have an idea, initiative which you’d like to work on with the help of Project Hetu email us at

Hetu Community is a network of creative individuals & organisations who seek to solve problems, network professionally, contribute to think-tanks to collaborate on projects and make the world a better place.

AAA – All Asia Accelerator is an umbrella module of Project Hetu. As the name suggests, AAA aims at accelerating existing ventures as well as young startups. Head to the website to know more.

Startup Mentors Network is equipped with the best mentors & companies from all around who work hand-in-hand, while helping with ample sectors to make your venture a success.

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Project Hetu's Initiatives & Projects

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Hetu means an Idea to work towards. Project Hetu is a community, an accelerator and a mentor platform for likeminded enthusiasts.

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