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COVID-19 & Project Hetu

Project Hetu is looking for people who can help change the world in this time of crisis. This initiative is a result of COVID-19 global pandemic & its horrible effects on humankind. This initiative is rapidly growing and currently is targeting the development of software applications, medical equipment, hardware equipment & creation of productive content which can make a positive impact to this situation. ​We have volunteers from all over the world working on a mission to make an impact to this horrible situation.

Join on tasks like building ventilators, web/mobile applications, surveys, content to spread awareness & more. The entire work is voluntary but by doing this professionally, we wish to make this a great experience for all contributors, see it come to life and support not just India but all around the globe.

Who are we looking for?

  • Electronic Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Biomedical Manufacturers

  • Doctors

  • IT Enthusiasts

  • Marketers

  • Dealers of medical equipment

  • Distributors of medical equipment

  • Trader of medical products

  • Student, volunteers, enthusiasts

  • Tele-Psychologists

  • Content creators

  • Writers

  • Artists

What we offer

  • Knowledge from the best mentors & specialists

  • Experience of working within a community

  • Valuable experience in leadership

  • Digital Certificate(s)

  • Brownie points for your CV – Boost up your CV up to 40% by adding a social cause volunteering

Pipeline & Associations

  • Mechanic piston based ventilator (In-progress, waiting on further associations)

  • Survey of COVID in India and its impact on regular households and micro-economy (Survey templates made, in progress)

  • Hotspot/Zone tracker mobile application for India (Formalities & paperwork in progress)

Project Hetu has associated with Follege App, student only social platform that connects college students across the globe; it provides students access to personalised content, career opportunities, and an official platform to stay connected with college administration and they are helping & catering volunteers for Project Hetu’s initiatives.

​Along with them, Project Hetu has also partnered with Top Filings, a multidisciplinary law firm helping its clients with incorporations, approvals, compliance & ample fields of legal work With over 100+ clients & startups associated, Top Filings aims at aiding Project Hetu with Legal & Compliance work.

Project Hetu has partnered with SGPMCS, Singapore Project Management Consultancy Services is the top-most leading Infra-Tech advisory company located in Singapore. Being advisors to the biggest construction companies in the world including Gammon Construction, SGPMCS ties hands with Project Hetu as an Investments & Funding Partner for Project Hetu’s Accelerator & upcoming incubator.

Project Hetu has also partnered with mentors and specialists from India’s #1 startup accelerators along with highly experienced backend tech & business consultants who would bring more value, experience & associations

Project Threely has also joined onboard Hetu. Project Threely is a blockchain based identifier protocol & technology which makes analysis and identification easier within blockchain. They aim at catering us Blockchain solutions & technology.

Project Hetu as also associated with Open Venti by IOTIOT, another community-based initiative similar to Project Hetu’s. Open Venti is working with Doctors from IIT & top contributors from all over the world on a mission to spread awareness & help Covid-19 victims. Open Venti is working on open source ventilators not just for India but the whole wide world.

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Hetu means an Idea to work towards. Project Hetu is a community, an accelerator and a mentor platform for likeminded enthusiasts.

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