The definition of design as a whole will dilute with time. Design will be just more than graphics and interfaces.

One such example is organizational design, thinking about anything from the design of culture within an organization to how those organizations are designed themselves in terms of the structure, working, spaces and everything else.


Designers to become Corporates


We need to brainstorm and use constructive criticism, find out the best and worst ideas. This process means that we go behind the best idea once we have it, no matter if it comes from the oldest designer at the company or from the newest one. Most companies in the current corporate world don’t think that way. They are hierarchical, which prevents innovative change and progress coming from younger ones. As design becomes an integral part of corporations and big businesses, we need to integrate this standardizing element of design thinking into the way we work to continue to progress. We need to prepare for the changing nature of the industry in order to create a more robust design for the future.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

Artificial Intelligence


As AI-driven parametric design enables designers to quickly and easily create millions of variations of a design, most of our productivity will dramatically increase. Suddenly, we will be able to explore massive numbers of alternative directions in a fraction of the time we need today. As long as AI stays more logical and less creative, designers would need not worry about their jobs being taken over by AI. Apart from threatening the design jobs, Machines needs designers in the field of AI and ML such as AI offers opportunities for designing the interactions between them, AI-powered application and the interaction between AI and humans. We have not crossed the threshold where enough value from machine learning is available to the general design community, but when it gets real, it is going to change the view of design for everyone.


The available technology, Expansion of design community and design fields, breakthrough innovations around machine intelligence is changing at a furious pace, but the capabilities available to designers and the design culture has not been able to keep pace.

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