Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. —Albert Einstein

Project Hetu's Ecosystem

Aspiring entrepreneurs continuously fail to find resources needed to launch a venture & pursue their lifelong passion, which is what Project Hetu aims to ease. The accelerator within the community aids startups & business to incubate, grow & expand. The accelerator is equipped with mentors, specialists & consultants from the top accelerators of India which is why, success is undeniable.

Hetu Community is a network of creative individuals & organisations who seek to solve problems, network professionally, contribute to think-tanks to collaborate on projects and make the world a better place.

AAA – All Asia Accelerator is an umbrella module of Project Hetu. As the name suggests, AAA aims at accelerating existing ventures as well as young startups. Head to the website to know more.

Along with AAA, SMN – Startup Mentors Network is equipped with the best mentors & companies from all around who work hand-in-hand, while helping with ample sectors to make your venture a success.

Launching Soon, for details mail us.

What happens within Hetu Community?

Hetu Community is a non-profit community full of creative individuals & organisations who aim towards collaborating & achieving goals. We aid your goals with our in-house accelerator & mentors platform!

Regular Events & Initiatives

We organise think tank events or social initiatives to promote awareness & give back to the society

Network & learn globally

With the steady flow of information, learning never stops. Learn from the best mentors and specialists!

How our ecosystem helps startups & ventures

Project Hetu helps you jump-start your ventures, even from ground zero! We aim at building a seamless ‘startup-building platform’.

Fundraising, Incubating & Accelerating

AAA aims at aiding you by providing financial, legal, developmental & advisory services.

All-round development

Aiding your startup with financial, legal, technical & business aspects with the help of our associations

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Project Hetu’s mission is to spread awareness and enlighten the creative consciousness of mankind altogether. We take steps, one-by-one to achieve the goal of enlightening humanity with productive media to consume.

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Hetu means an Idea to work towards. Project Hetu is a community, an accelerator and a mentor platform for likeminded enthusiasts.

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