Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear. —Mark Twain

Lets help eachother in these difficult times.

Project Hetu needs your help! We are looking for people who can help make an impact in this time of crisis. Project Hetu’s COVID Initiative grew 260 contributors strong within 5 days with constant progress 🤝 We’re working on building ventilators & medical equipment, web/mobile apps, surveys, content to spread awareness & whatever makes an impact to this horrible pandemic.'s OpenVenti

In collaboration with Open Venti – an initiative by IoTIoT, a chance to work with doctors, scholars & professors from IITs and top institutions. Join hands with us to bring a ray of hope by building ventilators, stock locators, models of ventilator splitters, content to spread awareness and more.

COVID-19 Tracker

Project Hetu also developed & launched a COVID-19 Tracker during the 2 month peroid. This tracker covers all countries, states, cities & districts along with keeping the users updated with the latest COVID-19 news.

Report - Comparing Trajectories

Comparing how countries trajectories of total cases are similar with Italy, South Korea and Japan. Paras Jain & Muskan Gupta – Data scientists at Project Hetu lead a research for COVID-19’s Trajectory.

Whats Project Hetu x Open Venti?

Project Hetu along with Follege are looking for people who can help change the world in this time of crisis. 

Project Hetu & Open Venti are on a hunt for Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Biomedical Manufacturers, Doctors, Dealers, Distributors, Trader of medical products, Tele-psychologists, Student, volunteers, enthusiasts, Content creators, Writers & Artists.

By volunteering, you will get:

-Valuable experience
-Brownie points for your CV.
-Boost up your CV up to 40% by adding a social cause volunteering.

Work with the best. Work the best.

Join hands with Project Hetu & get a chance to work with doctors, scholars & professors from IITs and top institutions. 

Connected Volunteers & Orgs. -

  • Follege as outreach partner & Top Filings Pvt. Ltd as legal partners
  • 260+ Volunteers from 17+ States
  • Bachelors, B.TECH, MBA, Mechanical Engineers, Journalism, Supply Chain, B.E. Biomedical students connected
  • From managers to marketers, IT Managers to Project developers, Influencers to manufacturers, biomedical engingeers to AI Experts, psycologists to designers connected.

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Lets help eachother in these difficult times.​

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Project Hetu – “Hetu” meaning an Idea to work towards, is a non-profit network of volunteers helping to fight the novel COVID-19.

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